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1. The universally recognized "edison"
2. N. Implying complete and utter confusion
3. N. a really stupid person
4. V. To procreate
5. adj. Can be used to modify any word for more passion
6. Int. Expresses disgust
7. adv. Can be used to make a command more urgent
- "Man...that picture of you is all edisoned up."

- "Hey! Edison You, Bitch!"

- "I'm sorry, but that's one edisoning ugly dog you got there."

- "Edison me harder, you weaksauce!"

- "What the edison were you edisoning thinkng, you dumb

- "Hurry the edison up! We're late for the edison movie! Edison!"
by dontedisonyourselfup February 07, 2008
Small penis, cock, eggroll (ranging between 2-3 inches).

Derived from Edison Chen's small penis.
His looks like an edison .
by rho89 March 05, 2009
The collective noun for a group of consumer electronic devices.
Since 2000, there has been an Edison of internet enabled consumer devices in the living room.
by YolandaSmartie April 15, 2009
A way of being jipped for your creativity. You have a good idea and someone claims it as your Edison moment. Therefore you receive no reward.
"Hey, all you get is a dumb lightbulb as Edison thought of your idea!"
by Dr R Swank January 22, 2009
a novel idea; from Thomas Edison and his inventions.
Dude, I just had an edison--let's pregame at Matty's house and then go out to the bars.
by Salvo October 04, 2007
A town in New Jersey where the population is widely diverse. Asians take the majority of the population(approximately 53%) exceeding the number of Caucasian and African- Americans families in the town. Proudly known for their over-achieving schools, John P. Stevens High School and Edison High School.
#1: Hey where do you live?
#2: I live in Edison
#1: They have mad brown people
by BrownAllstar July 16, 2006
In BDSM, someone who is into adminstering electricity in pusuit of sexual pleasure.
Jeeeeez, look at thse Edison Brothers taking a violet wand to that poor hogtied woman.
by Bill Peters August 10, 2006
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