Extra skin on the elbow even skinny people have.
my buddy and i are thinking of getting our weenises pierced.
by DroBlowin July 19, 2006
well, i gather that this means different things in other countries, but here in New Zealand, a weenis is the ladys equivilant of a penis.
my weenis is excited!
by Aya McCabre May 04, 2006
The loose skin on one's elbow. For some reason the weenis doesn't feel any pain.
Rodge: Hey Barry, can I squeeze your weenis?

Barry: Uhh, get the fuck away from me.

Rodge: Dude, stop being a fag its so much fun.
by Dino Marino August 09, 2009
Is the foreskin of you elbow. AKA your Rumpleforeskin.AKA your relbow.
Hey lady,
Have you ever had your weenis licked by a fat guy in an overcoat?
by The Weenis Commander January 28, 2007
The weenis a peice of skin on the elbow
if weenis pulled too hard it might leave a mark and that wouldnt be good. Weenis is a word that no body can freak out on you because they say it is grose and that you shouldnt use that kind of laugnuage. So go ahead say weenis as much as you wont (weenis, weenis, weenis)
by Shelb July 25, 2006
Despite popular belief there is one TRUE meaning to Weenis. I will submit a short segment from an essay I wrote on the matter.

"Weenis is a word commonly confused for a child’s synonym for a body part that their parents don’t want them to talk about. This is due to grammatical similarity in weenis and the word their parents fear. However, despite what your instincts may tell you the weenis is, it is actually another important part of your body. If you’ve ever looked at that scrunched-up, loose piece of skin hanging from your elbow, pinched it and felt nothing, or ever just banged it on something and incorrectly said, “OW! I cut my elbow!” I have some important news for you. This useless piece of flesh hanging from your appendage is nothing other than a weenis."
My weenis needs lotion rubbed on it
by John - Gordon November 20, 2005
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