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A friendly insult usually exchanged with friends when teasing or scolding them. Can also be a term for a hot dog.
Jake: I can't come with you to go bowling
Eric: Don't be such a weeny, come with us!

I really want to eat my weeny with ketchup, but we're all out.

Ralph is a weeny because he won't let me have a bite of his candy bar.
by smeashie May 02, 2005
(also spelled "weenie")
Someone who is just a total dork, you know, the kind of guy you dont really wanna hang out with but you end up hanging out with anyways because they are your roommate.
Jared: Dan, your a total weeny.
Dan: I know, I really am.
by J'DinkalageFTW February 12, 2014
Can be used instead of the words really or well. Usualy meaning something good, but genrally used to emphasize what you are tring to say.
That's weeny good man.....

I'm weeny good me......

Oh, that's weeny shit.....

He's weeny fit.....
by louloupopz December 12, 2007
this word takes the place of 'really'
'john is weeny cool' as opposed to
'john is really cool'
by physcoboy May 01, 2005
Refering to Edy or Phil, when Edy is being Edy or Phil is being Phil, its all circumstancial. Also see whiny.
Edy is being Edy, therefore he is a weeny
Phil is being Phil, therefore he is a weeny
by DNS December 22, 2004
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