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3 definitions by Tubbis

Common in a large college lecture class, someone who sits in the front row and takes avid notes and asks questions in class making everyone feel dumb.
"Look at that weenie sitting in the front row writing down all the derivations of the nernst equation."
by Tubbis February 19, 2011
When one goes to a swim club not to exercise but lurk in the pool, with minimal movement. Usually causing a ruckus in the process.
Hey Ted, are you DTF? And by that I mean down to frolic.
by Tubbis July 20, 2011
When two lovers, usually fiends, are in the act of fondling each other, usually in public and very annoying to look at
O jeez, they are canoodling right in my field of vision! Get a room!
by Tubbis August 11, 2011