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a beautiful thing if used properly. all it does is make you happy.
yo pass that joint around brother.
by anonymous November 24, 2004
2847 1302
an essential substance in most people's lives.
marijuana aroma oil would give us the best relaxation if it existed.
by nymph-O August 04, 2004
2241 1114
A green plant god put on the earth for me and you.
Grow buy role smoke enjoy.
by Ian February 02, 2005
1766 823
God's way of telling me he loves me.
$25 for 2 grams? are you seeerious? aww whatevah...i love you.
by Diana March 18, 2005
1222 500
doobage, bud, herb, left-handed ciggarette, wacky tobacky, pot, smoke, gonga, reefer, the 11th special herb in KFC's recipe, green, dank, you get the picture.
Hit that weed and pass it to the left! Puff, puff, give, damnit!
by Big Chief Smack-a-Ho February 06, 2003
1116 395
Why Drink And Drive When You Can Chong And Fly?
Fo Shizzle My Nizzles (And Wizzles!)
by CalCom July 20, 2003
1055 374
god's one true gift to mankind
that weed we smoked was fuckjing gooddodod
by god March 04, 2005
1027 413