the best stuff you'll ever find in your life.
i got high off of weed. it was awesome.
by van ultima January 30, 2005
the only thing that can get you away from this fucked up planet(if only for a few hours) without ruining your life. it has been proven to be less addictive than chewing gum, and you would have to smoke four joints to do as much damage to your lungs as one cigarette. drinking is much worse for you and people do it there entire lives and are perfectly fine. it has never killed one person in the history of the earth, and unlike alcohol it makes you so damn lazy that you won't even want to get your keys and drive. NOT TO MENTION ITS THE MOST ENJOYABLE EXPERIANCE ANYONE WILL EVER KNOW!!!!! WEED IS FUCKING AMAZING AND THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT TO BE ILLEGAL!!!!
fuck the government, lets get high!!! =] I <3 WEED
by Bob Marley is A FUCKING PIMP August 25, 2006
makes you feel like floating
makes you superrr hungry
makes everything funnyyyy
makes you pretty sleepy(only when you come down)
makes sex feel fuckin AMAZING

can be smoked or eaten if baked into cakes or brownies
im so down to smoke some weed
by kooobbbrrraaa December 28, 2008
The flower of a cannabis plant that contains THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, cannabinoids.

From my own experience:
1) Slows down everything
2) Makes you hungry
3) Makes everything funny =)
4) Makes you relaxed
5) Makes you lazy as fuck.
6) Saps your motivation from you for a couple days. (The only negative thing about bud)
7) Makes you say shit that you wouldn't normally say.
8) Not addictive unless you make yourself mentally dependent on it. ex. You smoke everytime you are sad... so next time you are sad and don't have any ganja, you will be sad.
9) Clears your mind and lets you see things in a different perspective. Helps you escape your mental prison.

There are 2 different strains of cannabis: Indica and Sativa

Indica gives you that drowzy, relaxed, "chilled the fuck out" feeling.

Sativa makes you more energetic and hyper.

Some bud can be both Indica and Sativa.

Indica is usually grown inside because the plant is smaller than a Sativa plant.

Don't believe that D.A.R.E. shit or any anti-drug program. They mix in shit like, "It's addictive and can ruin your life," with bud. This is totally not true.

Can be used to make handy brownies that get you fucked up on the go.

Can be put in a tea bag to make a warm cup of happy.

Legalize it.
Where the weed at? In my system.
Gods way of bringing peace on earth
If everyone in the world smoked weed there would be peace and no one would give a fuck
by Twiztidjuggalo July 03, 2008
this awesome plant that god gave us that gets you real fucked up and makes almost any situation a good time
yo how much for 1/4 oz of your finest buds?
yeah i am charging $80.00 for this hydro weed
by skooler March 17, 2005
GOD. notice how the definitions that down herb, have more thumbs downs then thumbs ups.
Are you wearing sunglasses man?
Na dude my eyes are just really, really dilated.
This weed is bomb as hell!
by Yoitsalex July 10, 2008
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