Good stuff. Magical plants that mother nature provides for her children.
no, we dont smoke weed from no swisher. aye gramps take out the this sucka how we do it!
by udontknowmebitch March 16, 2007
God Groweth, we Smoketh
roll that shit, light that shit, PASS THAT SHIT!!!!!
by Tony P. July 21, 2005
A showtime series that portrays the life of a woman who is forced to sell marijuana in order to pay for her expensive lifestyle after her husband dies. It takes place in the town of Agrestic where everyone is very boring and exactly the same.
Nancy the main character in weeds sells marijuana to make a living.
by Mister Darko August 21, 2006
gods greatest invention next to pussy
always pass it to the left n never keep it for to long or ull b in shit!!!
by buddah luva May 29, 2005
A lower class drug smoked by people who have realised that life is short, why not enjoy it?
A lot of the definitions here are bull shit, saying that weed rots your brain, and you become a drooling idiot.
I have been a "stoner" for just over 5 years now, and have noticed no difference in my brain activity, have had no problem becoming a grade 1 computer engineer, earning £65,000 per annum, and have generally been able to enjoy my life.
You pathetic people saying it's a "loser" thing to do, need to grow up, and begin to live :)
Weed is the key to an enjoyable lifestyle.
by c4rlz September 18, 2006
Your Friend to help cheer you up when you are down your best friend when you want to get high. All other drugs will ruin your life.
Your friend is the guy smokin your weed. Your best friend is the guy lending u his pipe and giving you free weed.
-Never smoke weed kids..., unless you are with a trained professional.
by A Friend September 14, 2004
The greatest and most beautiful thing in the world
Good bye, Good Luck, Get HIGH,Get fucked

Weed is from the earth gog put this here for me and you TAKE ADAVANTAGE
by Beheaded2333 March 28, 2005
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