Slang For Cannabis sativa/Indica.The main active Chemical In cannabis is the cannaboid T.H.C. witch is absorbed by the cannaboid receptors in the brain causing the "High" effect.
I dont smoke weed i have tried it years ago but These propaganda people are hilarious. weed is not addictive physicly but mentally that means you dont have an urge/need to smoke it like tobbaco addicts.You dont turn out a loser if you smoke it unless you let it effect other aspects of your life. Some call it a gateway drug but thats because its illegal,most people drink alcohal before they try crack does that make alcohal a gate way drug?
It is Extremly less harmful then alcohal,But does contain more Tar then Tobbaco per gram but can be vaporized or cooked to greatly reduce the harmful effects.
Of course there are reasons not to smoke it such as when driving or operating machinery(sp?),using it to escape your problems,to look cool or fit in,At school or at work. Cannabis should be legal because it would save the goverment tax money and Make it safer for users to buy.It is a victimless crime. Cannabis Smokers can be anyone you know doctors,laywers(I know a few stoner lawyers ),Stay at home moms,computer programmers,your Family ect...

I really wish people would stop being close minded.They say that its bad for you while they drink thier Alcohal(ironic eh?)Cannabis smokers are like anyone else dont juge all cannabis smokers by a few low lifes that give them a bad name.
by Hymen June 28, 2006
a herb native to places all over the world known for making you feel happy and easy going.
man i love smokin weed

lets get HIGH
by 3Stoners March 25, 2005
Weed is somethin u smoke and its great!
weed is a plant thats grows from the ground...if got didnt like it it wouldnt be all you preps who never got high...shut the hell up and give it a try
by Lisa March 23, 2005
Weed is Marihuana. The greatest stuff on the planet. It's not as harmfull as harddrugs are like Cocaine and XTC, and even drinking alcohol has worse effects than smoking marihuana. There are allots of types like Skunk, Haze, Jack Herer, Ak-47, Chronic, Ice-O-Lator, Northernlight, White Widow (good shit) etc.

There are alot of words to describe Marihuana:
Jongo (Although I think that's a Dutch local word)

Smoking weed will get you stoned. When stoned, the effects will differ sometimes. In some cases people will get very laughable (This is what I personaly aim for when smoking), other times the effect can make a person very calm. Whatever the case, weed will almost always create a feeling of "peace". People will be less agressive when either stoned or high (The effect of Hasj)and the mood will be mostly good. This is why I promote the use of Marihuana over harddrugs and alcohol, as these 2 often cause agressiveness.

Weed can be consumed in different ways. The "normal" and mostly used form is by smoking (In a Joint) but it can also be eaten (like in spacecake). There are allot of forms it can be eaten in, my cousin even cooked us Weed-soup!:)

Although smoking weed can be fun and relaxed, you can always do it too much(And TOO much is never good) and it will have a negative effect on your body.
"Damn, that weed got us flying last night at Jacks place!"
by D.G September 27, 2005
Why drink & drive when you can smoke & fly?

Weed is marijuana. It's less harmful then alcohol & cigarettes put together. You can be baked, blazed, stoned, or high. You can toke, smoke, or hit. Whatever you want to call it, it's the best feeling in the world.

Marijuana is a plant that came from the earth. If God didn't want us to have it, why would he put it here? & if you don't believe in God then here's one for you. It comes from the ground, so it's ALL natural. Nothing harmful about it.

If your parents smoke, tell them to stop cause it's bad for them then hand them a blunt.

Go grab a blunt, bowl, joint, or bong and chill on the couch when your parents aren't home. Make sure to have some air freshner, a change of clothes, eye drops, & gum near by.

Make it last. Don't waste it. Blow the smoke straight to the sky.

Take a nice long hit. Breathe it in, hold it, feel the rush, blow it out. It's that simple my friends. Don't be greedy, share the ganga.

Ganga, dro, chronic, weed, pot, maryjane, MJ, trees, reefer, herb, or whatever you want to call it.
I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints then I smoke 2 more.

Weed isn't a druggg!
by A.Baby July 03, 2006
marijuana, that is basically what weed is. its bomb and you all should go out and try it sometime or another. OH ITS SOOO FREAKING GOOOD!!
"what do you wanna do?"
"i dunno wat do u wanna do?"
"yo man u got that weed!?"
"yeah man!"
"oh shit let me hit some of that weed, i got a pipe!!"
by crazzy eye December 28, 2004
Best thing you can ever smoke.
-Tastes, smells & is heaven.
Get some weed, we'll meet up tonight.
by TrinaBoBinnaArena January 19, 2009
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