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1 obsolete : to make a denial
3 : to go back on a promise or commitment
Do not renege on this contract.
by Mike December 02, 2003
185 63
In some card games, such as whisks, withholding a card of the current suit. In other words, when the pile is hearts you must play a heart if you have one, when the pile is spades you must play a spade etc. Reneging is when you break this rule by playing a different card. This results in losing 2 tricks or automatically losing the game.
-How the hell do you have a spade?
-Last round was spades and you put down a heart!
-You reneged!
by rickrosstheboss55 September 08, 2010
34 19
a thing most noobs at the game of spades do and end up getting critisized by their fellow spades players endlessly, their partner also most of the time ends up beating the shit out of them after the game
You stupid bitch you just reneged i outta kick your ass
by anonymous March 13, 2004
57 57
1. To fail to carry out a promise or commitment
2. Shift change at the car wash
"Yo, what time we supposed to renege this afternoon?"
by Dem Franchize Boyz November 09, 2004
55 58
Change of shift at the city dump.
The city of Pittsburgh reneges at 7,3 and 11.
by rayman 69 March 05, 2010
20 33
When a black person, typically named Carlton (Fresh Prince of Bel Aire) who reverts back to his ghetto roots after trying to fit into white society.
Damn, Carlton is back on the wagon stealing bikes again, he sure did renege!
by jobs April 25, 2006
40 106