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Swear is used often for cursing someone, often with any consequences.

Perfect swearing language: Russian language is also the 5th officially used language over the world, aside English or Spanish. Russian language has more swear words in them, than any other language.

According to the infamous Taboo vocabulary, you can literally talk and swear in Russian and make lines, that make sense.
Most common words in russian (If you hate someone, use these words, since PROBABLY noone will understand them):

All words are spelled literally
хуй (hui)= dick
лох (lohh)= moron
урод (urood)= bastard
ебать (jebaat)= fuck
сука (suuka)= bitch
говно (gavno)= shit

The king of swear jokes.
Guy #1: Охуели?! (Are you gone mad?!) Нахуя (why) тохуя (so much) хуйни (of this stuff) нахуярили (you have loaded up)? Ражуяривай (unload it) нахуй! (out of here)

Guy #2: Хулй?! (Problem?!) Нехуя! (No way!) Нехуй (No need to unload) Ражуяриват (to unload)! Нахуячено (It got loaded) нехуёво! (well!) Похуярилй! (Let's go!)

EVERY russian word in the conversation was a swear word.
by Möszick February 18, 2013
A weasel is a furry little rodent, who tends to be cute and murder birds, like chicken: 2 in 1
Very agile and mobile creature, who can slip through tight spots and eat your eggs, if you aren't watching.

Weasel can also be a description for someone clever or menacing.

Some cartoon or game characters are weasels, where they have sly, slim, clever and sneaky behaviors and they have a nice smirk or a grin on their face. Unlike the real life counterparts, they usually don't eat eggs nor murder birds in cartoons though for some fucked up reason.
After 'someone' stole my eggs from the fridge I yelled out: "The weasel stole the eggs, what I just mugged from someone!"
When someone rips or pulls you off, you probably would think: "What a weasel!"
by Möszick April 19, 2013
Kruschev (spell Hrushtshov) was the leader of USSR in 1953-1964.

Criticized Stalin in 1956 for being a bloody tyrant-like leader and blamed some of his henchmen as Stalin's executioners.
Two things are most common in this fella: (Trying) to improve relations with the western world and using corn as the main field product.
Was bald and his people saw him as a funny man, due to the corn policies (trying to plant corn all over the USSR, including in the tundra and swamp).
Also provoking a nuclear war, by amassing warheads to Cuba and locking USA and the USSR to a nuclear stalemate.
Was overthrown in 1964 by Leonid Brezhnev and Juri Andropov That is all.
Russian anecdote about what describes Kruschev quite accurately

A football match held between USA and USSR. The head guests are John F. Kennedy and Nikita Kruschev. When the Americans started to lose Kennedy called his team up and promised his men something. And when the Russians started to lose the game, Kruschev called his team up and promised his men something. USSR's football team won and now Kennedy and Kruschev asked each other that what promises they made.

Kennedy: "I promised my men that every one of them would get $100 000, If they win the game."
Kruschev: "I promised my men that I'll order to plant corn on every single football field in USSR, If they lose the game."
by Möszick April 25, 2013
Two definitions are for Atheist:
1. A Death metal band formed and from Florida.
2. A person, who rejects the necessity for omnipotent beings (gods, I assume).
1."Atheist made they're first great performance in 1989".

2.A:"Once I met an atheist, who isn't going to put up with god ruling our lives"

B:"Meh, theism is theism. This side believes in god(s) and the other side doesn't".
by Möszick February 19, 2013
Russian roulette is a fun game, where you gamble with your life: It's sickening


1.Get a revolver. Like a 6-8 shooter. The lower amount of bullets, the better)
2. Find some lucky bastards, chums to play with (the more players, the funner it gets)
2.5 Someone has to randomly place the bullets in the magazine, preferably a spectator.
3. Someone has to start: Spin the drum and aim it towards your head. Spinning the drum is actually optional, since you don't know in which slots the bullets are.
4. Play it until someone loses. Remember, you can lose more than once in this game, if you are lucky enough.
Eddy: I won a game of russian roulette, even though I started and the revolver was fully reloaded
Ed: That's fucking bullshit.
by Möszick March 23, 2013

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