A weasel is a furry little rodent, who tends to be cute and murder birds, like chicken: 2 in 1
Very agile and mobile creature, who can slip through tight spots and eat your eggs, if you aren't watching.

Weasel can also be a description for someone clever or menacing.

Some cartoon or game characters are weasels, where they have sly, slim, clever and sneaky behaviors and they have a nice smirk or a grin on their face. Unlike the real life counterparts, they usually don't eat eggs nor murder birds in cartoons though for some fucked up reason.
After 'someone' stole my eggs from the fridge I yelled out: "The weasel stole the eggs, what I just mugged from someone!"
When someone rips or pulls you off, you probably would think: "What a weasel!"
by Möszick April 19, 2013
A generic name for democratic countries whose citizens and politicians are too sissy and faithless to defend their own ideals.
Spaniards are such weasels! The terror attack in Madrid scared them so much, they voted for the socialists.
by Pengy April 23, 2004
A small rodent like person who is renowned for his sneaky, dishonest and generally unpleasant nature and is universally disliked. The weasel often has dirty gingery hair on his face and snout and is found skulking around in the shadows in a manner very consistent with other rodents.
"That Mennel guy is such a weasel."

"I'm going to exterminate that frickin weasel if I see him in the ECL labs again!"
by Ynngwie J Malmsteen October 23, 2008
Slang for male and female genitals in the Midlands of England, particularly Birmingham and the Black Country. It is most often used to refer to the vagina in common Midlands parlance.
She's got a nice weasel, the best weasel I ever saw babs.
by Baginahead October 24, 2013
A slippery character who cannot be trusted to remain faithful to his girlfriend and is putting it about whenever possible
Scott is always on the pull, even though he's got a girlfriend! Scott's a fucking weasel.
by Dangerman Dan May 27, 2011
In German a weasel (ein Wiesel) is a very fast and tricky animal. Whatever it does, the weasel does it fast. Faster than others, mostley smarter than others. If you compare it with a human character it will mean a fast working or acting person
This guy is as fast as a weasel!
Look, that guy plays the cards like a weasel!
by Scampi November 16, 2004
Pejorative term for a University of Michigan fan, also known as a Wolverine. This is an apt descriptor for two reasons: First, wolverines are stocky and muscular rodents known for their nasty demeanor and musky stank, and are literally of the weasel family, Mustelidae. Second, and even more accurate, the term weasel is commonly applied to those of low moral character whom are typified by wheedling, whining, and overzealous aggression in pathetic attempts to gain unfair advantage in sport, business, and personal dealings.
Weasel: "Dude, what a rip off! Michigan had the game in the bag...if not for the crappy officiating and that touchdown Sparty scored after the clock ran out!"

Sparty: "Uh, don't be such a weasel. Michigan was behind by 28 points and didn't have a chance."

Weasel: "Yeah sure, you're just jealous because you didn't get into what we call 'the Harvard of the Midwest.' You know I love the maize!"

Sparty: " Actually I did get in.. to Northwestern, and the University of Chicago. And please stop whining; I'd take you more seriously if you didn't have that corn cob buried in your ass to the hilt."
by droogie toogie August 18, 2012

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