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A organised gang of hardened criminals that go by the name of 'The Weasels'. Whilst they are known for their drug trafficking and racketeering, they are also known for their sly and brutal retaliations of enemy gangs. Such retaliations include the group raping of every facial orifice then skinning the head of their freshly raped victims.
One of their members known as 'The Muscle' has been know to use torture methods such as placing as many electrical plug sockets as he could, up the anus of known undercover operatives trying to uncover the gangs grizzly secrets.
Organised gangs across the globe know to fear and respect them.
Shit Timmy, don't fuck with him. I heard he's in tight with the weasels
by Doomboon October 22, 2013
A very serious disease in which you get infested with weasels.
"I hear that Darby got the weasels yesterday..."
"Atleast its not Herpes!
by kaykaykaykaykaykay January 13, 2011
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