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5 definitions by Tumbleweed

A euphamistic expression that makes the chore of cleaning the cat litter seem more enjoyable
There's feline gold buried in these parts. I reckon you could strike it rich panning for butt nuggets.
by Tumbleweed April 10, 2004
to engage in coitus with an anthropoid ape (Pan sp.) or one who is attrociously ugly.
I can't believe she slept with him. She is suck a chimpfucker.
by Tumbleweed November 02, 2003
Intentionally bent on causing trouble regardless of the consequences.
I think we should stay out of the Middle East. We're only poking the Beehive.

George Bush is a jackass. He treats the beehive like it's a piñata.
by Tumbleweed April 10, 2004
a horrifically obvious toupee
Look at the weasel on that dudes head. Oops the chimp fucker heard me.
by Tumbleweed November 25, 2003
Used to give a nickname to a person named Ryan. Abbreviated as follows: The Super Amazing Ryan.
"Hey, here comes TSAR"
by tumbleweed April 25, 2005