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It's used in Chile to describe things, it can be replaced by shit.
Eng: This shit sucks
Esp: Esta wea apesta
by Narkalen October 05, 2008
It is a word used in Chile that replaces the word "thing", so it can be used replacing every single noun that exists. It doesn't mean anything wrong but is not a nice way to talk. It is mostly used with people that have the same status or relation.
The actual meaning of the word wea depends of the context of the situation.
"Pásame esa wea" (give me that thing)

NOTE: In this situation, when saying "wea" the person should indicate the thing that she or he refers to.

"Qué es esa wea?" (what is that?!)
by Ayudantedelmundomoderno December 27, 2011
it replaces every noun when used.
can you give me some of that wea *When poiting at a coffe*.
what the wea is this? *replaces that nasty word* ;D
by Antonie February 28, 2008
The best person you could ever meet! Selfless, caring, loving, amazing.. awesome! Shes got her own styl and does things in her own weird way. Shes the best!
Weas is so awesome! Weas is one of the coolest people in the world!
by D****Boi November 29, 2009
1. To get over the top drunk, fuck up, then pass out. After all of this occurs the person pulling the Weas will then become semi-conscious, piss themselves, and promptly return to floor.
Steve: Dude I don't remember anything from last night
Dan: Ha! Thats because you pulled a Weas last night!
Steve: I don't know how I'll ever show my face in public again...
by dictatorduck May 01, 2011
just short for we are or where
wea is your place
dont bother coming wea ovah
by Freak-Ei3 November 24, 2006
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