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When you are trying to say "haha" but you type the wrong letter and it actually makes the reason you were saying "haha" funnier
"woah I just got hit by a cow"
"haga woah thats hilarious dude"
"hagahagahaga wowwww hahahahah"
by poopyheadfacedogbutt November 02, 2009
The sound a Canadian makes when he's ejaculating.
HAGA- Did you see that? It squirted like, 5 inches away, aye?
by Ellsi May 17, 2008
When you find something so funny that you just can't help but yell out "HAGA!"
(you fall out of your rocking chair and it lands on top of you) "HAGA!!!"
by Brittany E January 12, 2007
I really need to visit the toilet
Oh God, haga!!!
The point of laughing so much that you lose control of your typing and spell your virtual laughter wrong.
Mack," haga? Don't you mean haha??πŸ˜‚"
by Burdened_life July 09, 2016
the act of laughing at chuck norris, but is often last word ever spoken while being interrupted by a roundhouse kick to the jaw.
"Wahahaha! Walker Texas Ranger was so lame! I can't believe it was on the air for so long! Wahahahaha! Ha-ga!"
by Heatstroke May 05, 2007
You understand what the other person is saying.

I got you... Haga-chu Shortened to "Haga". Chu being index finger and middle finger pointed to the other person.
Ash "we need to head out to the bank before it closes."
You "Haga" with two fingers pointed at the person you are acknowledging.
by WonderWomanWannaB April 27, 2011
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