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Slang word said in Chile. Can be used as:
b)screwing around
c)thing or object
a) Hola weon como stai?
b) estoy weando no ma
c) Que chucha es esta wea?
by davemeistro May 19, 2005
A slang word from Chile that can be conjugated in many phrases, mostly like fuck. But it`s definition is a nickname given to certain person.
"Eres un weon" You are a fucker.
"Que es esa wea?" What the fuck is that?
"Oye weon, que hiciste ayer" Yo bro, what did you do yesterday.
"Te gusta wear" You like to mess around
"Esas son weas" Those are some shits

On that style...
by JayKrunked August 30, 2008
a Chilean form to name somebody, and a way to say everything

wena weon! (hi dude)

esta weona me cae bien (i like her)

La wea weona weon (Wea = substantive) , weona (adjective) Weon (reffering to somebody)
wena weon como estas? = hi friend how are you?
by Japed January 14, 2012
Chilean word to define a person, in a negative or a postive way.
To describe a thing we use wea
Eng: Hi dude
Esp: Wena weón

Eng: Suck it dude, you s0x
Esp: Chupala weón, valí pico

Eng: What is this shit?
Esp: ¿Qué es ésta weá?
by Narkalen October 05, 2008
Slang in Chile, offensive, but widely used.
1) Dude
2) Asshole or D-bag

Wea is for objects, basically "piece of shit"

Wear, weando is a verb, basically translates to "fucking around"
Hola weon, como estai?? --- Hey man, how are ya?

No, weon, estoy weando ---- Naw, man, I'm just messing/fucking around
by Lucif September 02, 2010
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