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It's used in Chile to describe things, it can be replaced by shit.
Eng: This shit sucks
Esp: Esta wea apesta
by Narkalen October 05, 2008
Chilean word to define a person, in a negative or a postive way.
To describe a thing we use wea
Eng: Hi dude
Esp: Wena weón

Eng: Suck it dude, you s0x
Esp: Chupala weón, valí pico

Eng: What is this shit?
Esp: ¿Qué es ésta weá?
by Narkalen October 05, 2008
Is a Chilean word, aweonao is a variable of weon, but we used aweonao in a negative way.
Eng: You are such a idiot
Esp: Eres un aweonao
by Narkalen October 05, 2008

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