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basically, your girl has something to bitch about.
"Honey, we need to talk."
by d September 21, 2003
78 19
Read: "Sorry honey, it's over."
My girl called me up and said "we need to talk," and i knew it was over.
by trip September 25, 2003
59 12
The beginning of the end in terms of relationships.
Girl: Honey, we need to talk.
Boy: Oh for fucks sake..
by fedzMONKEY October 01, 2003
60 16
The begining to the portal of oblivion in which the male will be forced into a comma like state due to prior knowledge of the "talk" portal. Commonly the male is subject to female complaining, bitching, whining, sometimes tears. If this happens the male tends to become either aggressive or resembles a deer in headlights. There is no real end to this portal and the male never quite know's the length in which he will be in it, but while inside he knows it's sheer hell. This is commonly the opening line to a demise of a relationship.
A. I've been thinking, and we need to talk...
B. (mind): Aw SHIT! (words): Okay honey
by Ashley December 23, 2003
52 12

1. The end of your relationship.

2. Something that could mean the end of your relationship unless you take it REALLY seriously.

3. I'm going to leave you Richter, you never have any time for me... Bitch. Didn't figure my work was paying for her fuckin- Ah. Sorry.
by Richter September 21, 2003
43 7
Translation: You need a lawyer.
Honey, we need to talk.
by Tim Amlung January 23, 2004
42 8
1. Your girlfriend wants to break up with you
2. Your parents found your stash.
1. We need to talk. I hate you.
2. We need to talk. I found this in your dresser.
by ghjgh May 21, 2004
41 8