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An electronic music synthesiser that resembles a keyboard in later models. Other versions of it were rather large and costly to maintain. It was developed in the early to mid 60's by Robert Moog.
The Beatles owned one. So does Alec Empire.
by fedzMONKEY November 02, 2003
The beginning of the end in terms of relationships.
Girl: Honey, we need to talk.
Boy: Oh for fucks sake..
by fedzMONKEY October 01, 2003
Disconnecter. Someone that disconnects from a game, usually C&C or Starcraft, so they won't get a loss added to their record.
A way to avoid getting a loss in a game.
<Homeskillet> That bitch DCed! The bastard!
by fedzMONKEY July 01, 2003
Yet another shitacular show on MTV.
Some Guy: I love MTV.
Sane Person: Blashpehmy!
by fedzMONKEY July 15, 2003
Something that only exists in fairy tales. In real life, however, it can't exist.
by fedzMONKEY October 01, 2003
What the world would be without pornography.
by fedzMONKEY July 15, 2003
Hate is what you put on your cereal in the morning. Then you eat it all up.
For hate = tasty.
by fedzMONKEY July 03, 2003

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