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Cartoon porn featuring girls unrealisticly hot that none of us will ever have.
Oh my god. Check out that busty nurse with the bubble gum lips and tight skirt. Ahmose says, "Yea but shes got purple hair dude..."
by Ahmose August 05, 2003
It means someone needs to talk to you. Or if your penis is inable of pleasuring a woman, it COULD mean something else.
Hey, we need to talk. I think I have a plan for robbing that bank.

-Hey. We need to talk, about last night... Yea. You know. That fives minutes. YEA that five minutes.
by Ahmose October 16, 2003
Ahmose's pet robot, used mostly for sex. Though sometimes it is used for manual prostate examination.
by Ahmose August 15, 2003
Bad Sushi.
Man. This Fujie sucks balls.
by Ahmose August 15, 2003
Short for Cuzzin, coming from the word buzz, replaced B to show a sign of disrespect to the bloods by it's crip use. Never to be spoked with a K like above for associating C and K would be a 'crab killers' as an ultimate disrespect to it's use and termoligy.
Fukc slobk bkitches cuzz.
by Ahmose July 27, 2003
A recognized original bklood. SLOBK "S till L iving O g Bkblood."
Slobks keep slippin
by Ahmose July 31, 2003
Certain. First used by Run-DMC. Sort for definate.
Were the best most def.
by Ahmose July 31, 2003

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