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Verb: Beable, to make a noise like a swan.
Captain Poncenby's escape was almost complete. Hiding from his nazi persuers in Hitler's own swan sanctuary had been a stroke of minor genius, he thought. Ever since boarding school, his ability to beable had been second to none.
by Speedwolf March 03, 2004
Accurate acoustic impersonation of a swan.
"The sight and sound of those kids in that Sunshine Coach beabling for all they were worth is guaranteed to have me fapping for months"
by Middleaged Dirtbag March 04, 2004
Commonly the noise made by a swan
The swan was flying along in a merry haze, beabling as he went, but flew into a spastic in a wheelchair who went nghnn serwaaan...belm.
by By Dabeis August 06, 2004
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