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The City of Paterson, located on the Passaic River in New Jersey was once one of the mightiest industrial cities of the United States. It has a rich history as the Nation's first planned industrial city, as well as containing some of the country's oldest textile mills and businesses.

In 1792, Alexander Hamilton formed an investment group called the Society of Useful Manufactures (the "SUM") whose funds would be used to develop a planned industrial city in the United States that was later to become Paterson. Hamilton believed that the United States needed to reduce its dependence on foreign goods and should instead develop its own industries.

The industries developed in Paterson were powered by the 77-foot high Great Falls of the Passaic, and a system of water raceways that harnessed the power of the falls. The district originally included dozens of mill buildings and other manufacturing structures associated with the textile industry and later, the firearms, silk, and railroad locomotive manufacturing industries. In the latter half of the 1800's, silk production became the dominant industry and formed the basis of Paterson's most prosperous period, earning it the nickname "Silk City." Paterson was also the site of historic labor unrest that focused on anti-child labor legislation, safety in the workplace, a minimum wage, and reasonable working hours.
Royce: yo whats really good Justin?!?! When we goin down to Silk City?

Justin: Silk City?! Where is that?


Justin: Paterson? oh aight then trillz.
by Royds April 11, 2006
Once one of the mightiest industrial cities in the world this city has become a typical stinking, crack infested, deteriorating northern Jersey cesspool of minority underachievement and jihadist terror cells. The "Great Paterson Falls" looks like Willie Wonka's chocolate river waterfall placed in an urban setting.
Remember that whore from Paterson?
Paterson sucks.
Let's go to Paterson and score a dime.

by Samantha Minardi May 08, 2008
1. the place you avoid. when you're going somewhere in north jersey, you go AROUND paterson, even if it takes longer.

2. p town

3. home to the amazing patsy's tavern. with the best pizza in the world.

4. you will hear about more shootings going on here in a month than the whole nation in a year.

5. the place where everyone's parents were born.
1. person 1: SHIT! how did we end up in paterson?
person 2: you retard you took the wrong exit
persono 1: damn...roll up the windows and lock the doors i hope we dont get shot

2. person 1: wehre u goin tonight?
persono 2: p town is where its at babyyy
person 1: have fun getting shot

3. person 1: lets go get some pizza
person 2: yeh lets go to patsys
person 3: i hope you guys don't get shot getting out of the car!

5. person 1: paterson? oh my mom and dad were born there
person 2: mine too!
person 3: omg mine too!
by ilovejersey September 18, 2009
used to refer to a white male who is driven by lust, often indulging in debauchery and lewd behaviour

examples of acts common to a paterson: prostitution, anal indulgence, dry humping, emphasising their crotch through boorish comments and hyper-sexualized dancing
dave was trying to get it on with my little sister last night, he is such a paterson

I think my uncle is a paterson
by CaptainDick June 11, 2008
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