Thai temple, found all over Thailand. Pronounced 'waht'.
"Let's go see the Emerald Buddha at Wat Pra Kaeo"
by Will January 12, 2005
A spontaneous reaction to something that's in any way "fucked up" to the point where you "can't even"
Dude 1: Dude, I so got laid yesterday!
Dude 2: Might I ask by whom?
Dude 1: My mom. You won't believe it, but she's a beast in bed!!!
Dude 2: Wat
by WtfHax January 17, 2015
What one says when they're devoid of any particular useful words.
Also used for extreme confusion.

A: Make sure you register with DNS correctly by opening CMD and typing ipconfig /registerdns.
B: wat?
by Player72 September 14, 2013
Word used as an exclamation of utter confusion, or as an expression of shock at a story/image/whatever.

'Wut' is also acceptable, although it is more commonly used by pot smokers when they don't know what the fuck is going on
Guy #1- '...and then she pooped it all out'

Guy #2- 'WAT'
by Eddoblah August 14, 2011
A word used to either cover up something, or used in utter shock.
Me in fangirl mode: Ohmaigawd, so last night, I had a wet dream about Andy Biersack!
Friend: Wat.
Me: Wat.
by BANGmeTANBOYS March 12, 2015
What Are Those?!?
*kid posts Instagram pic of his new shoes*
by TheOneAndOnlyLiyah July 03, 2016
This word means "what" usually to people who are lazy to write a 4 letter word on their keyboard on their phone/computer...
You: "See the new movie?"
Friend: "wat movie??"
You: "You forgot!!"
Friend: "WAT? WAT MOVIE?!"
You: "Nevermind"
by OvenBakeG April 28, 2016
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