We are the shit
Look at Jude, Julia, Abby , Lilly and Sierra, they are Wats. Don't mess with that group of girls
by Wats1234 March 15, 2016
Wat basically means and sounds exactly as what does. Because wat IS what.
R1: 'Wat up man!
R2: 'Wat?'

R3: 'He said Wat up man!
by BouncyBill77222 January 08, 2016
A pat of butter can also be called a wat of butter.
Hey Paul can you pass me a wat of butter?
by LunaMoon14 November 29, 2015
when someone is too lazy to type "what?"
Guy 1: "You fucking suck bro!"
Guy 2: "Wat"
by FatFedoraGuy.lele November 20, 2015
A shortening of the word, "what". Usually used by people with a lower IQ. And or, people who want to save time.
You Wat m8?
by Wat m8 wanna go? June 02, 2015
derived by two people talking in a public, online chat room about masturbation, the phrase wat.... is used to break an awkward silence after an extremely bazaar or sexually inclined comment.
person 1: I think I'm going to join the military so that I can get a college fund and finish my education. what are you planning on doing with your life?
Person 2: I'll probably get a job as a mechanic and work to get the money. I hate those military colleges.
female 1: I had sex with person 2 but the doctor said it was your sperm, person 1. you didn't do anything to me at thing 18's party did you?
person 2:wat....
by DK The Gaurd May 15, 2010
The most annoying way for lazy people and 11 year old British kids to say what.
Simon: Would you like a dictionary?
Lewis: A wat?
Simon: *ahem* A slap to the face?
by Vincent the cressant March 14, 2011
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