when someone is too lazy to type "what?"
Guy 1: "You fucking suck bro!"
Guy 2: "Wat"
by FatFedoraGuy.lele November 20, 2015
A shortening of the word, "what". Usually used by people with a lower IQ. And or, people who want to save time.
You Wat m8?
by Wat m8 wanna go? June 02, 2015
derived by two people talking in a public, online chat room about masturbation, the phrase wat.... is used to break an awkward silence after an extremely bazaar or sexually inclined comment.
person 1: I think I'm going to join the military so that I can get a college fund and finish my education. what are you planning on doing with your life?
Person 2: I'll probably get a job as a mechanic and work to get the money. I hate those military colleges.
female 1: I had sex with person 2 but the doctor said it was your sperm, person 1. you didn't do anything to me at thing 18's party did you?
person 2:wat....
by DK The Gaurd May 15, 2010
The most annoying way for lazy people and 11 year old British kids to say what.
Simon: Would you like a dictionary?
Lewis: A wat?
Simon: *ahem* A slap to the face?
by Vincent the cressant March 14, 2011
Ethiopian stew containing vegetables, berbere (a very hot mixture of spices) and sometimes meat and/or boiled egg. Traditionally eaten with a pancake-like bread called injera, without a spoon or fork.
Doro wat is chicken stew, sega wat is lamb stew, and yemiser wat is lentil stew.
by LudwigVan August 23, 2004
A variation of the word "what". The word what is purposely misspelt to show dyslexia and stupidity. It can also be used as a lazy form of the word "what".
by Age April 21, 2003
Sounds like an old lady.
Yaya: grandma how is u
Grandma: WATTTT
by yayafest January 22, 2009

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