To bring to a specific state by drinking alcoholic liquors, or other drugs.
"Man, i just pissed all over the toilet seat, i'm so fucking wasted."
by macka March 06, 2003
to drink so much beer or other drinks that you get oosy and fall down if that happens you must be wasted
bob drank 21 budlights last night he was so wasted he praticly barfed he guts out and fell alsleep on the neboirs roof
by fuck master96 October 13, 2009
To be so tired that you hardly have the energy to sit your ass on the couch and watch Late night TV.
Dude, I went snowboarding today, and now I'm so wasted.
by Mr. Bling Bling January 31, 2004
To have such an accident that requires you to feel extreme embarrassment.
Someone tried to do a backflip on a trampaline and lands right on their head on the ground. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh WASTED"
by guy who got wasted once August 28, 2006
What you feel like on a Friday night after you roll too many doobs.
"Whoa man, (puff,cough) im wasted dude!"
by Hugh Jass April 18, 2004
person tht is hella
ugly or anything along those lines.
also sumone/sumthin stupid.
eww tht niggah jimmy is maddd'

ur wasted
by nickoya April 17, 2008
1. To have been 'done' the night before
2. To have had a hangover on the previous night
3. Lowlife, peasant, or scum
1. "Yo!, why is Sally so wasted
"Cause' I did that 'cunt last night, u spic"

2. "I'm so wasted from last night's party, I would suck a dick for a bag of Doritos"

3. "That bum is so wasted"
by princeofdarkness March 23, 2008
Dead, Bashed or Stoned
That that stoner is wasted (died from overdose).
by Insane bastard December 11, 2004

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