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Spending countless hours of your life playing Fallout in a day traveling around the in-game Wasteland.
Friend 1: "Hey, what you up to?"
Friend 2: "Not too much man, just getting wasted right now."
Friend 1: "Yeah, I got super wasted yesterday..."
by droq October 26, 2010
54 32
Drunk or high to the point you can't tell which end is which, which hole to put it in, what living thing to put it in, or can't get it in at all. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and the worst fucking headache EVER.
"Oooh my friggin' head i'm so wasted."
by April XD July 19, 2007
33 13
Slang for getting intoxicated through the use of alcohol, marijuana or the sort


Slang for get shot to death or murdered.
Jim: Why isn't John at school today?
Tim: You didn't hear he got wasted yesterday.
Jim: Awesome so typical of John.
Tim: How is that awesome when one of our classmates died.
Jim: Huh?
Tim: He got wasted as in he got shot to death.
Jim: Wait doesn't wasted mean drinking a shitload of alcohol until your drunk?
Tim: This is confusing, who the fuck gave this word two completely different meanings!!!!!!!!!
by phiyuku April 20, 2010
40 23
1.Holy Shit Did You Just See That? That Guy Got Wasted!
2.OMg Man I'm So Wasted!
by Seagulls Of Satan!!! August 14, 2008
29 19
If you aren't the day is.
Get wasted
by I Am Not Sure What To Put Here August 22, 2010
9 3
In the movie 'Grown Ups', wasted means "something that happens when you have a hankering for ice cream"
I wanna get chocolate wasted!
by Lamentablemente June 13, 2010
19 15
having a hankering for ice cream
I wanna get chocolatey wasted
by GrownUp1234 June 26, 2010
11 8