to be dead; to discribe domeone thats dead
yo, i wasted him; yo, lets waste this wangsta!
by J-Pimp October 02, 2003
When you have smoked lots of cannabis.
Rapboy I am so wasted, rapboy.
by rapboysam December 03, 2006
Drinking liquor or other strong alcholic beverages and in one night and on top of that having some (sticky icky) and (candy)!
" I was so wasted last night shit, i aint even know where the fuck i was"
by Candy November 17, 2003
A person who uses wall hacks in the game call of duty when.
Or someone showing suspisious activity in game suggesting cheating.
Wow his kill/death ratio is 30-1.
He must be doing a wasted
by [osiris]Darkopi March 14, 2008
feeling run down, usually accompanied with a headache
"Dude, my freakin' head! I'm so wasted!"
by James July 02, 2004
the state of being so pissed AND so stoned that you belive you can fly. In the case of new year, jumping off a trampoline.
'dude............. im fucking wasted. i cant't see jack shit. woah, was that a cow?
by Colette March 19, 2004
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