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A person who uses wall hacks in the game call of duty when.
Or someone showing suspisious activity in game suggesting cheating.
Wow his kill/death ratio is 30-1.
He must be doing a wasted
by [osiris]Darkopi March 14, 2008
5 20
When you have smoked lots of cannabis.
Rapboy I am so wasted, rapboy.
by rapboysam December 03, 2006
7 22
Drinking liquor or other strong alcholic beverages and in one night and on top of that having some (sticky icky) and (candy)!
" I was so wasted last night shit, i aint even know where the fuck i was"
by Candy November 17, 2003
12 27
to be dead; to discribe domeone thats dead
yo, i wasted him; yo, lets waste this wangsta!
by J-Pimp October 02, 2003
23 38
feeling run down, usually accompanied with a headache
"Dude, my freakin' head! I'm so wasted!"
by James July 02, 2004
7 24
the state of being so pissed AND so stoned that you belive you can fly. In the case of new year, jumping off a trampoline.
'dude............. im fucking wasted. i cant't see jack shit. woah, was that a cow?
by Colette March 19, 2004
7 30
see word bombed
by DarkNova December 08, 2001
2 28