Any drug that makes you think you're a warlock, have warlockly sensations, or experience warlock tendencies. Also known as LSD.
Charlie Sheen: I am a warlock!
by Aesahaettr July 04, 2011
Person of low social status, generally single and 30+ years old that lives in the basement of his/her mother and feeds off hotpockets alone. This person has no life and plays computer games 24/7. The warlock drinks mountain dew and no water. Their blood is a grey, gewy substance. Also the sun burns their skin.
Guy A: Dude why dont you go outside?

Warlock: The sun! IT burns!
by George Bobdolian March 31, 2008
A spell-caster who draws his power from demons. Demonic power is passed down, so the son of a warlock will very possibly be a warlock himself. Though the descended warlock didn't make a pact with demons, and is therefore allowed the right to use his demonic power for good or evil
The warlock called on his fel powers to launch an eldritch blast of demonic energy.
by Xian Jahn October 23, 2006
A master of combat magic in a particular area usually based on their inner or favorite element. The elements include Light, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Plasma, and Darkness. They usually fight in close combat type situations using a quarterstaff or a magical pole. They are experts in both close combat and their particular area of magical expertise. You only become a warlock when you kill a master witch in single combat in less than one hour.
Aeronus the Mage(really just a warlock, not a mage), Phelios the Winged, Alimar Telias the Third of Echelon, Aelor the Great, Xelor the Wise, Athena Goddess of Time, Ares God of War, Zeus God of Olympus Mons, Azraelam of Olympus, Phelios son of Zeus, Caern the Great White Wizard, Volar al'Nithianos of Nal'Aris Guardian of Rhilos Terra and Heaven, Melchiar the Black Dragon, Rorek the White Mage, Firion of Heaven, Cloud Strife, Nobulus Imerius the Third, Gringa the Witch, Aphelion of Asgard, etc.
by Elanil November 04, 2009
Warlock is a dank type of headies whose parent plants are Skunk One (Super Skunk) and Afghan . It dwarfs all other types of headies when refering to its smell. Its aroma is very intense and smells very similar to an actual skunk... If you dont smoke you will say it stinks, however if you like marijuana at all you will be in shock at how awesome it is.
Did Somebody Get Sprayed By A Skunk?
Aahah no thats just the warlocks
by Spencer Reilly May 30, 2006
A general term describing anyone who is fat, unpleasant, who whines most of the time, ugly, smelly, disgusting.
Oh man, That kid is such a warlock.
by SexyBrandonJa January 02, 2010
a name for a giant male genitalia. If a man has a penis exceeding 8 1/2 inches and is atleast 10 inches in diameter he has a Warlock.
Girlfriend says to boyfriend "Come give me some 'a' that Warlock!"

"How'd he get you in bed?"
"He cast a spell on me with his lvl 9 Warlock."
by ModernAkilies November 25, 2009
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