A truck made by Dodge from about '70-78 which was a black painted version of the Little Red Express Truck. It came with a 360 ci motor, and an A-833 standard tranny with pistol grip. The rig-style exhaust stacks gave the truck a hella mean look, and it had speed to match. Optional W-2 cylinder heads were available. One kick ass truck!
The Dodge Warlock is like the Little Red Express truck, but with a "kick your ass", evil and dark attitude. After all, it is a Mopar!..enough said!
by Punkhead May 29, 2005
Does mean wizzard or sorcerer but it also means demon. Broken down however, judging from it's roots the word is meant to have negative connotations. The word comes from waerloga- meaning a traitor, foe, devil. Broken down< waer= a covenant+ leogen= lie, deny. So you see it literally means to lie to or deny your coven. Any self respecting pagan would not refer to a basic male practitioner as a warlock, unless it was meant as an insult. Or used to describe one who operates on the negative side of their practices.
It was determined that a warlock put a curse on Cavan's family, destroying more than half of his lineage.
by astroshimmer September 17, 2003
The least OP class in the game of World of Warcraft. Always owned by pallys, rogues, wars, druids (most op class), shammys, and bm hunters. Locks have the best looking gear in the game and can summon demons, but are always heartbroken when stunlocked by a rogue for the whole duel.
rogue: lets go stunlock that squishie
rogue2: deal!
warlock: oh damn, those rogues are op and can kill me before i can cast because i am stuned
by Brandon M Martin March 14, 2008
Loosely A dark wizard, a guy that uses black magic for whatever the hell he wants.
B177 T3H H4XX0R: HEy WarLOCk u R tEH NooB!!!11
Warlock:... *Melts Bill's head*
by Joe July 23, 2005
An old device traditionally constructed of wood, iron, or any heavy metal, used to fasten two opponents together until conflict is resolved through negogiation, compromise, mediation, arbitration, or victory. Commmonly a counterpart to key.
I havn't laughed in a non-sardonic way for 3 years and am probably slightly to massively overweight.
by Joseph Joel Joyce January 28, 2004
also, a guitar made by B.C. Rich
you can see Kerry King, of Slayer, play a custom warlock
by me October 31, 2003
Or, 'Lock' for short. An attractive teenage girl.
Boy #1: What do you want to do today?
Boy #2: I dunno, let's just go to the mall and check out the warlocks.
by iirk August 25, 2009
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