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Word used to describe unintentionally funny occurance, especially within multiplayer online computer games.

See also "Doing a TermXP"
"It was so funny I nearly shat! Its not everyday you see a 8 foot wookie getting chased by a 3 foot jawa!" - Chat log from Star Wars Galaxies
by DumbGrunt August 05, 2004
Term used to describe desperate individual, who for financial gain, spurns the love of their own country to move a couple of hundred miles south. Itinerant worker.
"That Callum Mackay turned out to be a right bloody bulletbait"
by DumbGrunt July 28, 2004
A word associated with incompetance within the workplace. Also a derogatory term for an individual who is notorious for losing things. Unsurprisingly, has gained common usage in relation to the Post Office.
"Honestly, I can't remember the last time Dominoes delivered my pizza hot. They always go to the other end of the street! Honestly, they are a right shower of mixis'" Vera Duckworth (Coronation Street)
by DumbGrunt August 05, 2004
Individual of dubious ancestry (possibly sired by Nazi occupiers during WW2 for example)who, while inordinately rich, for the purposes of social intercourse, pretends to be poor or plebean
"You know youve reached rock bottom when people openly accuse you of being a Warlock on the street" - From The Collected Memoirs of John Major.
by DumbGrunt July 28, 2004
Irritant occasionally found on internet voice channels.
"Im not using ventrilo anymore, theres a right bloody bio online"
by DumbGrunt July 27, 2004
Term used to describe individual deemed too ugly for modern workplaces. Horribly deformed by endless hours of clicking their mice buttons (usually playing Warcraft 3 or other "RTS" games) "bio"'s are generally shunned by normal society and most have to work from home - a situation which only exacerbates their chronic masterbatory habits.

"Have you seen that new bloke who is writting the network scripts? His face is like chopped meat! This place is going to the dogs. They even let the bio's work here now" - Overheard in a London office
by DumbGrunt August 24, 2004
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