The guy above is right -

A male witch is also called a Wicca, and a female is also called a Wicce
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
warlock is not only a wizard its more potent than blueberry weed
that warlock last night was more intense than any blueberry i have ever had
by drugs r us March 04, 2004
Individual of dubious ancestry (possibly sired by Nazi occupiers during WW2 for example)who, while inordinately rich, for the purposes of social intercourse, pretends to be poor or plebean
"You know youve reached rock bottom when people openly accuse you of being a Warlock on the street" - From The Collected Memoirs of John Major.
by DumbGrunt July 28, 2004
NOT a male witch. warlock means Oath breaker, truth bender, etc..
No matter what your sex, you're called a witch (or wiccan, if you practice wicca)
'I'm a witch.'
'um... you're a guy. so you're a warlock'
*twitch* 'DIE!!!!'
by Glass October 16, 2003
Sometimes referred to as a "Man Witch", this hideous creature resides among us all. Most of them take the form of a normal human being. It is most identifiable by it's extensive use of the words: "Fellas" and "Gang." Although they disguise themselves as humans another tell tale sign of a warlock is it's shadow. In the shadow you will notice a very long witch like nose. If you are in the presence of a warlock your most efficient defense is to jab at him with a sturdy chimney brush. There is one known case when a warlock was caught. A trap was set up containing whitebread with Frank's hot sauce. No one knows why warlocks love to eat just straight bread with hot sauce. It is believed that warlocks use this and tomatoes, cereal, syrup, bread crumbs, coconuts, tangerines, and a gallon of oil to brew up their infamous bombardo soup. After an encounter with a warlock it is recommended to immediately contact Judge Stevens to take him out. If Judge Stevens can't be reached you can call his associate Chuck Norris.
The evil warlock was doing some faggin, a little shaggin.
by Rob Anonymous August 02, 2006
Warlock as in a Warlock Deity, perphaps a moronic fellow alas not all warlock are moronic
by Kelt October 03, 2003
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