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What Charlie Sheen is.
"You are no match for this warlock." - Chalie Sheen, to Chuck Lorre and Les Moonves
by FreakinRockStarfromMars March 14, 2011
46 21
In World of Warcraft, someone who is addicted to "shards". These shards are a potent drug in the game, giving the Warlock a delusion of being all-powerful and undefeatable in combat. Running out of shards causes withdrawal effects like feeling weak and vulnerable, so Warlocks will do anything to replenish their shard supply, up to and including murder.
"If my Warlock didn't run out of shards, that n00b Warrior would never beat me."
by Maurog May 22, 2007
95 71
A guitar made by B.C. Rich mostly for heavy metal music. Known for its unique design.
Mick 7 from Slipknot uses a custom Warlock. Not Kerry King, he uses the Custom V.
by JonnySideburns June 09, 2004
85 76
A mystical state of being... usually achieved by winning here and there, and bangin' 7 gram rocks... If one is warlock, one may be borderline pyschotic and/or awesome.
"I just frolicked with my goddesses and banged a 7-gram rock! Getting my warlock on!" - Charlie Sheen

"Droopy-eyed armless children are not Warlock" - Charlie Sheen

"I'm an F-18!" - Warlock Charlie Sheen
by reallycharliesheen,really? March 15, 2011
20 13
Warlock, to warlock;

To purposefully kill someone after you have already died, generally by setting up the situation moments before your own demise. Harkens back to a Warlock placing a DoT on another player before he dies, and having the offending player die shortly after from said DoT.
Ex. Sticking someone with a plasma grenade in any of the Halo games right before that player kills you.

"Dammit! I was all happy and shit after I killed John only to quickly realize that motherfucker warlocked me!"
by Uuklay May 05, 2009
10 10
Any drug that makes you think you're a warlock, have warlockly sensations, or experience warlock tendencies. Also known as LSD.
Charlie Sheen: I am a warlock!
by Aesahaettr July 04, 2011
1 3
'60s rock band which was actually the founding of the Grateful Dead. The band was composed of Jerry Garcia, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, and Bill Kreutzmann
Warlocks were the original Grateful Dead
by dylmurhaha September 10, 2006
26 28