What Charlie Sheen is.
"You are no match for this warlock." - Chalie Sheen, to Chuck Lorre and Les Moonves
by FreakinRockStarfromMars March 14, 2011
A guitar made by B.C. Rich mostly for heavy metal music. Known for its unique design.
Mick 7 from Slipknot uses a custom Warlock. Not Kerry King, he uses the Custom V.
by JonnySideburns June 09, 2004
A mystical state of being... usually achieved by winning here and there, and bangin' 7 gram rocks... If one is warlock, one may be borderline pyschotic and/or awesome.
"I just frolicked with my goddesses and banged a 7-gram rock! Getting my warlock on!" - Charlie Sheen

"Droopy-eyed armless children are not Warlock" - Charlie Sheen

"I'm an F-18!" - Warlock Charlie Sheen
by reallycharliesheen,really? March 15, 2011
Despite modern neo-Pagan offense taken by some at the word, "warlock" has for centuries simply meant "male witch" in common English usage. Claims that the word originates solely from an old word for "traitor" are erroneus. In extant Medieval records, male witches are often called "warlock" by Christian persecutors and judges. If one of its' meanings is indeed "traitor", then it is reasonable to assume that oaths broken were Christian oaths, and that "warlocks" were perceived as being "traitors" to Christian values and society.

Many modern day male witches are reclaiming "warlock" as a positive word of power and ancient imagery, even as the word "witch" was reclaimed in years past and recast in a rightfully positive light. These men know that many who make sweeping statements about witchcraft speak only for their particular coven or tradition and not for all, despite assertions to the contrary.
Several ancient words from Scandinavia and the British Isles are very plausible as being origins for the word "warlock". The Norse "Vargrliker" (one who takes on or assumes a wolf's body) and "vardlokker" (an enchanter, singer of spells or caller of spirits) are two such examples. The Old English word "waerloga" does mean "oath-breaker", but ironically, the Scottish version of the word (which anti-warlock neo-Pagans like to tout as their reason for disliking the word in the first place) does NOT. It means "cunning man" or male witch.
by Waldteufel September 02, 2012
Warlock, to warlock;

To purposefully kill someone after you have already died, generally by setting up the situation moments before your own demise. Harkens back to a Warlock placing a DoT on another player before he dies, and having the offending player die shortly after from said DoT.
Ex. Sticking someone with a plasma grenade in any of the Halo games right before that player kills you.

"Dammit! I was all happy and shit after I killed John only to quickly realize that motherfucker warlocked me!"
by Uuklay May 05, 2009
Any drug that makes you think you're a warlock, have warlockly sensations, or experience warlock tendencies. Also known as LSD.
Charlie Sheen: I am a warlock!
by Aesahaettr July 04, 2011
An extremely ugly girl who's face only ones mother could love. Warlocks are considered to be so ugly it is questionable they could be of another species. Warlocks are the type of girls that the realllllly hot girl you're talking to says shes going to be a friend and it turns out to be a warlock. Warlocks are commonly found lurking amongst extremely intoxicated good looking males anxiously waiting to take advantage due to the alcohol intake the good looking men have taken. Warlocks are the centralized prize in the legendary college game known as Deadliest Catch, where a brave soul out of the goodness of sportmanship tried to hook up with a warlock in return to recieve a beer from every spectator involved. If one was to come in contact with a warlock be very catious and pray that they have not made you thier prey. To avoid being attacked by a warlock stay close to your friends. If their are an abundance of warlocks well then its not looking good for you or any one your with.
I was so fucked up last night i hooked up with a warlock.

I can't believe i had to get with that warlock to win deadliest catch.

Bulbasaur is a warlock.
by Corey Muirhead, Chris Faith September 03, 2008

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