A master of combat magic in a particular area usually based on their inner or favorite element. The elements include Light, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, Plasma, and Darkness. They usually fight in close combat type situations using a quarterstaff or a magical pole. They are experts in both close combat and their particular area of magical expertise. You only become a warlock when you kill a master witch in single combat in less than one hour.
Aeronus the Mage(really just a warlock, not a mage), Phelios the Winged, Alimar Telias the Third of Echelon, Aelor the Great, Xelor the Wise, Athena Goddess of Time, Ares God of War, Zeus God of Olympus Mons, Azraelam of Olympus, Phelios son of Zeus, Caern the Great White Wizard, Volar al'Nithianos of Nal'Aris Guardian of Rhilos Terra and Heaven, Melchiar the Black Dragon, Rorek the White Mage, Firion of Heaven, Cloud Strife, Nobulus Imerius the Third, Gringa the Witch, Aphelion of Asgard, etc.
by Elanil November 04, 2009
Top Definition
A powerful summoner who used to be a mage, then decided not to suck.
OMG liek i try to sheep you den felhunter devour magic and spell lox ma fire magic den you jus liek dot and liek fear and den if i get a few lucky crits u jus deathcoil me!!! NERF WARLOCKS!!!
by lollersausages January 17, 2007
1.To nerf something
, or the act of nerfing something

---The defintion came about from the world of warcraft, where the warlock class was continuously nerfed every patch since beta.
Man1: Dude, thanks to the assault weapons ban, I can't get an assault rifle, instead I have to settle with a handgun.
Man2: hahahhahaha dude you've been warlocked
by Anduin April 13, 2005
Something massive in size,huge,humongous.Beastly in nature.
(Guys sitting around see a girl with rather large tits)
Guy:Damn, look at those warlocks!
by Sharon Needles January 04, 2008
1. A class in World of Warcraft known for riding single file to hide their numbers
Warlocks ride single file, to hide their numbers.
by Kem August 29, 2006
Overly large breasts that bring attention to them very quikly and easily.
Dude, that new girl has some fat warlocks.
by d@v!d J0hn September 29, 2008
Plump breasts, which are typically quite large, and are usually reminisced upon while at a social function such as a hang out or backyard chit-chat.
"Did you see those warlocks?"

"Bro, those are some true warlocks"
by Jeremiah Turtles-Run October 01, 2009
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