Large Scale Military action, either within a nation itself or with one or more other nations. Usually defined as either justifiable and un-justifiable. Considered a necessary evil and maybe even a honorable endeavor
"My History professor said war is just diplomacy carried to the next level"
by Wes July 24, 2003
A byproduct of the arts of peace.
We are a nation at war.
by Zak May 03, 2003
There are two types of war:

1) Normal style war: Something noone pays attention to.
2) American style war: Something that causes the whole world to make it a habit to watch CNN/NBC/Sky News/etc. for hours every day and talk to their friends about what new goodies America has at her disposal.
1) Bob: "Heard of the war going on in *insert some unknown 3rd world country*?"
Joe: "Nope, who gives a shit"
2) Bob: "I heard America are gonna start the war tonight!!!"
Joe: "Kewl, the last two wars were fun but were a little short, I heard they got this new bomb that causes FUBAR to a larger area than that MOAB, that should be fun to watch"
by MasterBates March 02, 2004
A steamy hot gay friendly nightclub with cheap drink and plenty of debauchery! Takes place in Andrew's Lane theatre every Friday. The general concensus in WAR is nobody gives a shit what people think, it's like a way of life
I made love at WAR twice
by WARwhore January 09, 2012
When two or more groups of people get a bunch of other people along with AK47s, M16s, and explosives and decide to have a team deathmatch.
Mary: So John, how do you like this vacation to Iraq?
John: Isn't there a war going on over here though?
Terrorist: ALALAALALALALAALALALALALALA *blows them away with AK47*
Guy with M16: DIE COMMIE *blows terrorist away with M16*
by Johnny McWarguy April 28, 2008
A tool used by a couple of men that can costs the lives of millions of men to either gain power or keep power
Well if you don't like what I have to say, I'm going engage WAR! an onslaught of destruction at the cost of sending millions of lives out, probably not my own. We'll see who's right then!
by punisher8021 July 25, 2009
the last ditch resort to settling a political, social, economic, moral, or religious conflict and the bloodied harbinger of peace
if you want peace, prepare for war
by Voorhees11 March 09, 2009

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