An ancient game of strategy involving the removal via death and destruction of one's enemies' people and property;
Dates back to the time when to opposing factions of cavemen started a brawl over something and fought with sticks, stones and what ever else they could find... Then, as now, the game is still played by rich, powerful men with small brains and matching penises: Likely to be the end of all of us...
by J. Michael Reiter. July 04, 2003
Breeds some of the dumbest protestors ever. War is a necesary evil. War is bad...gee you think you're the first to get that god damn idea, we'd probably use it if it worked.
war...the only way to solve problems in this world
by fag June 28, 2003
1. Self sustaining as long as humanity is aloud to exist and thrive.

2. An extreme act of aggression fueled by the simplest emotion LOVE.
War is self sustaining and peace on earth is a idiocy sustained by the hopes and dreams of fools.
by Marine1963grandson August 15, 2014
The Science of Destruction
by MiniMii July 30, 2012
One of US policitcs' most powerful tools for distracting citizens from the problems in their own country, with the added bonus of a massive economic boost and the spoils of victory (if the war ever ends). Find some evidence that something is happening in another country that you don't like (or make it up, if you have the balls/ignorance), then send in a massive invasion force with little planning and watch the inevitable shit-storm. If you lucky, your war could go on for years, where not too many people die; just enough for people to keep arguing over the issue will keeping most of the armed forces relatively safe. And, if you get really luck, you might end up fighting a seemingly endless number of determined guerilla fighters that can be used as an excuse to keep troops there indefinitely, all the while making more and more money from the sale of arms to fund the never ending cycle. Unfortunately, your war will likely end at some point. No matter, after a year of so, simply rinse and repeat.
War in Iraq
Wat in Afghanistan
Vietnam War
by SheepKing October 13, 2010
When two or more parties get pissed off at one another and decide to start blowing shit up. Parties in question are usually insane assholes who don't give a shit about the well-being of others and think it's perfectly okay to bomb innocent people and ruin the lives of others. Basically, a large-scale temper-tantrum.
Insane Asshole 1 -- Waaaaahhhhh, you took my land!

Insane Asshole 2 -- Waaaahhhh, you took MY land!

Me -- Can't you fuckers learn to share?

Insane Assholes 1 & 2 -- NO!!!! (Proceed to start blowing shit up for no good reason)

Me -- (Running for cover) Stupid fucking war!
by pixieishsallie April 29, 2009
A thing when people die a lot.
by AJEMS February 20, 2009

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