The highest form of society and civilization.

1. It is the only period of time that large groups of people, or one-half of the world (ex. Axis vs. Allies.) are working together for a common result: destroying or rendering a different large group, or the other half of the world useless.

2. The result of which spurs economic growth and new jobs, better living conditions, increased education, and studies if human nature.

3. Periods that define most countries independence, great moments in history, generations, (lost generation and the greatest generation).

4. A time during which civilians sacrifice luxuries to promote the well-being of their nation and their military.

5. It is what propels the creation of almost all technology.
War is when tactics, logistics and strategy is employed by the everyone in the world for a commom purpose.
by Connie December 09, 2004
The Complete Failure of a Civilization. Unfortunately, this won't every stop wars from happening until mankind eventually destroys itself.
No matter how "necessary" war is for certain countries, it doesn't change the fact that war is STILL the complete failure
of a civilzation

RIP All those who suffer in War.
by Spielberg_Rocks October 17, 2010
God's way of teaching Americans Geography

World Wars - France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan etc...
by Uncle Sam's European Cousin January 04, 2010
war is what happened wen two human meet. our emotions are too complex to live in peace. check out lord of the files. its in our blood to be jealous, and have diffrent beliefs. so how can war be elimited? by not having contact with fellow humans, or by living without advancemnt, and that my friends is impossible. oh and there were wars before america was even inhabited by anyone, including native americans.
by shapy July 15, 2003
The beloved pastime of the human race.
War will not end until humanity itself ends.
by Showfurr July 12, 2008
An activity that takes place when the wealthy deceive poor people into killing other poor people for their own personal gain.
Iraq war.
by donut hater August 20, 2008
when you must kill your enemy before he kills you
this is war its kill or be killed.
by gamer 06 April 08, 2006

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