organized violence between two or more nation states. usually initiated for the purpose of increasing power, capturing resources, or self-defense. wars result in the death of many "small people" while increasing the wealth and power of the victor's elite. the average person usually supports war because he/she is ignorant/scared/angry/bitter/cowardly/racist.
not another war, shit.
by ep June 18, 2003
Patriotic Genocide, the act of killing other humans in "organised" combat, usually for some sort of monetary gain.

see also murder
War = killing, homicide, genocide, rape, taking other people's lives to which you have no right.
by Jake Noir December 10, 2006
WAR. A Legends of Might and Magic Clan(lomm) The best there is. WAR is the shit.
HOLY CRAP! WE JUST GOT WTF n00B3d by that kickass clan {WAR}
by Spanyard of WAR April 15, 2005
wars existed long before America and even long before Jesus Christ too

nazis were occultists

commies were gaytheists who killed way more people than even the nazi queer bastards
so hippie bigots can fuck off
War is stoopid with one caveat -> UNLESS IT'S NECESSARY!!!

Leftwingers always forget about the one caveat and just say 'war is stoopid' which of course they only say when a conservative is president.

War under a liberal president = AWESOME!

War under a conservative president = THE END OF THE WORLD/"WAR IS STOOPID"
The first law of survival:

by \//( . )( . )\\/ September 05, 2004
According to leftnut shitballs... something that is a blessed event of rainbows and bunnies under Bill Clinton that makes him cool as fuck.

But under George Bush causes leftnuts to wet their panties and claim that Bush is the worst human being who has ever lived.
see word hypocrisy
by <o><o> August 24, 2004
bombing for peace is like screwing for virginity.
The best current example is the war in Iraq. WTF?
by holly the ginger kid. June 12, 2007

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