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A citizen from France
Wow, here's one of these slimy french cockroaches invading the sewers in Washington!
by Dubya February 25, 2005
Another term for pornographic magazines.

Origin: Chasing Amy
Playboy is a good stroke book.
by Dubya September 22, 2004
i'm a senior citizen i can't drive for my life. oh wait there's somebody behind me why don't i just cut them off cause i earned my drivers license all of 6 million years ago and i can barely see over the dash board.
get out of my way you gosh darn hoodlums. ups there's nobody behind behind me or at least i can't see tem cause i'm blind. here i go!!!!!
by dubya January 22, 2004
The first 2 words of anything the American government wants to erradicate, but knows the population won't back unless it sounds important, so it becomes "a war on XXX".
The war on drugs is worse for the US than the drugs themselfs.
by Dubya February 20, 2004
Without gimps. A good thing.
"Parties are much better when they're gimpfree"
by Dubya April 08, 2003
stress induced by entering into an argument which is simultaneously too geeky to sustain with any vigour for days, and is also too frustrating to remove oneself from due to the fact that you have grown to hate the nerd you are arguing with. Usually these confrontations will take place over discussion forums. The symptoms of geek stress mainly include a resentment of family members, and a lack of appetite.
day 13 of "technically a b# is not the same as a c" on musiciansforum.com
by Dubya June 10, 2004
The life of us all
Trek + blaze = Mong
Lets have a trek, then a blaze, then some bare mongage
by Dubya November 27, 2003

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