The best current example is the war in Iraq. WTF?
by holly the ginger kid. June 12, 2007
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some braindead hippie wrote:

"52. war

The result of petty arguments between two countries who cannot be civilized because they do not have the mental capacity for it."

Yeah,that's like saying that if a mass murderer rapes and kills a bunch of innocent women that it's only because they couldn't be civil because neither the murderer nor the women had the mental capacity for civility.
See how you blame the victim along with the predator?

Sorry all you pinko hippies but,life just doesn't work the way you idiots "fantasize" that it should.
by Death to Predators October 23, 2004
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Patriotic Genocide, the act of killing other humans in "organised" combat, usually for some sort of monetary gain.

see also murder
War = killing, homicide, genocide, rape, taking other people's lives to which you have no right.
by Jake Noir December 10, 2006
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A pretty childish game where upon a group of people decide that everyone sucks and start throwing bombs. The Americans then get involved and start throwing bombs at there alias instead of their opponents. Then every other country gets involved and shoots the living crap out of everyone. George Bush then decides to press the button on his desk which detonates all explosives on the planet. Everything on the planet is destroyed and the space aliens win the game.
Lets go to war because we are bored.

Lets go to war because they dont believe in the same god as us.

Lets go to war because we have/have no money.
by Choo-Choo McGrew August 18, 2006
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what the U.S should declare on France
by jacob October 27, 2003
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organized violence between two or more nation states. usually initiated for the purpose of increasing power, capturing resources, or self-defense. wars result in the death of many "small people" while increasing the wealth and power of the victor's elite. the average person usually supports war because he/she is ignorant/scared/angry/bitter/cowardly/racist.
not another war, shit.
by ep June 18, 2003
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A thing when people die a lot.
by AJEMS February 20, 2009
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