A pretty childish game where upon a group of people decide that everyone sucks and start throwing bombs. The Americans then get involved and start throwing bombs at there alias instead of their opponents. Then every other country gets involved and shoots the living crap out of everyone. George Bush then decides to press the button on his desk which detonates all explosives on the planet. Everything on the planet is destroyed and the space aliens win the game.
Lets go to war because we are bored.

Lets go to war because they dont believe in the same god as us.

Lets go to war because we have/have no money.
by Me and You August 18, 2006
some braindead hippie wrote:

"52. war

The result of petty arguments between two countries who cannot be civilized because they do not have the mental capacity for it.

Yeah,that's like saying that if a mass murderer rapes and kills a bunch of innocent women that it's only because they couldn't be civil because neither the murderer nor the women had the mental capacity for civility.
See how you blame the victim along with the predator?

Sorry all you pinko hippies but,life just doesn't work the way you idiots "fantasize" that it should.
by Death to Predators October 23, 2004
war -- what is it good for?

how about SELF DEFENSE ????

Actually it's great for that!
stoopid hippies = duhhhhhhhh
by o.O duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh September 06, 2004
a band in tha 70s that burned and prodduced hella heaters
cisco kid
cinco de mayo
low rider song(cheech and chong)
u could say:
war is sick
war is bad
war is stoopid
by YoungCali August 26, 2003
Something that results in human death and solves problems.

A great pas time for governments to play and in places like the US for redneck hillbillys and jack asses that have no clue about to cheer on like a football game.
Look Joe were bombing people. What for Dan ?
Well who cares like we are both so stupid anyways thats why they call us American idiots.
by Joe September 14, 2003
a tool for the american goverment and the only reason people in america dont realise that their politicians arent really doing anything they need the wars to get any support and seem like they give a shit when infact they dont and if they didnt start a war nobody would have a clue what to do.
whats that im bored lets go kill all the communists
oh whats that there are repeats on tv lets get those uh...oh yeah terrorists an then when we're done with them we'll get the fuzzybunnyists
by petrified foetus May 10, 2005
Something that is really unnecesary since our problems can be solved without killing eachother. Is also a distraction from technology advancements. People should just band together and Improve Earth and should only really use these weapons if aliens happen to attack earth.
Country A: I wage war unto thou!
Country B: what will that solve?
Country A: That I am better than you and instead of joining you for your crops and land, I shall sieze it, killing millions who get in the way.
Country B: That's just stupid.
by sony65 September 14, 2005

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