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Fake ass bitches who think they are representing something cool, like gangsterism, When really they are just trying to be something hopeless anyway. Basically, stupid kids trying to be losers who just can't make it.
Matt Glazebrook
by leaf June 08, 2003
I think it's child, the way people define gangsta as somebody who has killed somebody or shot somebody. If you did that shit your ass would be in jail, especially if you bragged about it, and especially if you bragged about it on internationally popular records. You gotta wonder, if all the gangsta rappers are actual gangstas, how are they still free?? Famous people can't commit murders, brag about it to millions of people, and get away with it.

So having said that, I don't think a gangsta has to be a killa or whatever. And a wanksta is someone who trys to be a gangsta but ain't. But don't over-simplify. Just because you done a bid, or shot someone and got life, or whatever, it don't mean you gangsta.
Ja Rule. cos he's wack.
by Thierry February 06, 2004
Nigga who be wankin' it.
"Yo I cawt muh nigga wankin' his liddul shiet in da showa."
by E ain't no Wanksta August 18, 2003
Rhett Williamson
I am Rhett watch me pop a cap in your eye-ball.
by Rhett August 06, 2003
it doesnt matter because thugs and gansters all suck anyways.
"screw you"
by 4 me to know u 2 find out May 18, 2003
A white man with soul.
Trey is a true wanksta.
by Home daddy Will May 15, 2003