a white nigga who likes to fuck with bitches
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
murda inc aint wanksta's, they are ghey but they still are gangsta's deep down.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
A silly lil Kracka (white Guy) who thinks hes a nigga ass gangsta
So im gonna get my gat and shoot this wanksta
by John May 09, 2003
Some1 who wants to be a gangsta but they arent one...they dont have the lifestyle, etc.
50 cent is a wanksta...ja rule is a real gangsta FO SHO
by kdawg March 22, 2003
I thynk a wanksta iz a wanna be gangsta
by Nicole March 18, 2003
See Rafman
by Monoxide March 05, 2003
Nigga who be wankin' it.
"Yo I cawt muh nigga wankin' his liddul shiet in da showa."
by E ain't no Wanksta August 18, 2003

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