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a fake gangsta whos has never achieved "gangsterish" acheivements; wanna be gangsta.
See "Chris Wise"
by pablo picasso January 08, 2004
11 15
a 'wanksta' is a wankstain with the 'in' missing
the tell-tale crusty map on your duvet or mattress
by green bat September 05, 2003
2 6
a person that looks up this word then puts a definition on the internet about 2 quaters
by fly white guy June 16, 2003
2 6
A genital wart in the shape of a star.
Wanna see my wanksta? Lick it - it oozes tasty puss.
by boomy May 05, 2003
2 6
it is a whit guy trying to be a blak gangster
the whit guy in that gang is a wangsta.
by jeremypacot April 23, 2003
4 8
If you honestly use this word: you.
"I'm a sheep, I believe everything I hear on the radio. lol black people"
by Justin Hayabusa April 06, 2003
1 5
a fake ass wannabe gangsta but cant.. haha dumbass's
ja rule.. ok but wtf anyone who thinks 50 cent is a wanksta can suck a cock he is far from a wanksta!
by bobita March 15, 2003
1 5