An asian person who tries to be a gansta by wearing hella bling bling and swearing a lot but really cannot manage to do all of this withouth cracking up or sounding extremely weak. They wear the baggy clothes and basketball shoes but will never hurt anyone in their entire lives.
Bonquisha da Gangsta, M-Dawg da Pranksta, Shanaynah da Chugga, Beyonce da Wanksta, Chiniqua da Balla, and Schnizzle da Tricksta are such wankstas, seriously.
a fake gangsta whos has never achieved "gangsterish" acheivements; wanna be gangsta.
See "Chris Wise"
by pablo picasso January 08, 2004
a fake azz gangsta...a person without street cred or jus dont get no respect period
ja rule
kobe bryant
by thizbthablaqchik November 01, 2003
a 'wanksta' is a wankstain with the 'in' missing
the tell-tale crusty map on your duvet or mattress
by green bat September 05, 2003
a person that looks up this word then puts a definition on the internet about 2 quaters
by fly white guy June 16, 2003
A genital wart in the shape of a star.
Wanna see my wanksta? Lick it - it oozes tasty puss.
by boomy May 05, 2003
it is a whit guy trying to be a blak gangster
the whit guy in that gang is a wangsta.
by jeremypacot April 23, 2003

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