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Poorly constructed or put together, and does not seem like it should function at all, although it may perform beyond expectations.
That entire computer system is janky
by leaf November 11, 2003
Fake ass bitches who think they are representing something cool, like gangsterism, When really they are just trying to be something hopeless anyway. Basically, stupid kids trying to be losers who just can't make it.
Matt Glazebrook
by leaf June 08, 2003
To dodge from side to side/up-down in an evasive manner.
I had to be constantly janking to avoid the tracer and flak fire.
by leaf November 11, 2003
Someone who is beat by society, someone
at the bottom of the bucket.Someone
who has been down so long it looks like
up.A part of the lost generation. A cool
cat,a beatnik, man.
hey that cat is hip, he his cool man
he is a beatnik can't go no further
by leaf August 24, 2004

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