a fake ass wannabe gangsta but cant.. haha dumbass's
ja rule.. ok but wtf anyone who thinks 50 cent is a wanksta can suck a cock he is far from a wanksta!
by bobita March 15, 2003
Fake ass bitches who think they are representing something cool, like gangsterism, When really they are just trying to be something hopeless anyway. Basically, stupid kids trying to be losers who just can't make it.
Matt Glazebrook
by leaf June 08, 2003
it is a whit guy trying to be a blak gangster
the whit guy in that gang is a wangsta.
by jeremypacot April 23, 2003
White person trying to be ghetto, or, mad unghetto black/latin person.
You see J.Weinstein man? That mofo's mad wanksta.
Yeah dawg, but hey, he tries.
Mothafucker, you wanksta too!
by cipher June 18, 2004
a bitch ass guy.
p.piddy,ja rule and nelly is a bitch ass nigger
by mbk September 06, 2003
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