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some one who claims to be a gangster but never achieves real gangster status
Trey calls himself a gangster, but he's really a wanksta. he does not have a car, a job, and don't nobody respect him.
by Rashawnda January 19, 2003
White person trying to be ghetto, or, mad unghetto black/latin person.
You see J.Weinstein man? That mofo's mad wanksta.
Yeah dawg, but hey, he tries.
Mothafucker, you wanksta too!
by cipher June 18, 2004
a fake azz gangsta...a person without street cred or jus dont get no respect period
ja rule
kobe bryant
by thizbthablaqchik November 01, 2003
a bitch ass guy.
p.piddy,ja rule and nelly is a bitch ass nigger
by mbk September 06, 2003
Nelly or P diddy.
Nelly a wanksta
by Deez July 28, 2003
a white nigga who likes to fuck with bitches
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
murda inc aint wanksta's, they are ghey but they still are gangsta's deep down.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003