Rhett Williamson
I am Rhett watch me pop a cap in your eye-ball.
by Rhett August 06, 2003
it doesnt matter because thugs and gansters all suck anyways.
"screw you"
by 4 me to know u 2 find out May 18, 2003
A white man with soul.
Trey is a true wanksta.
by Home daddy Will May 15, 2003
a ghetto wannabe, mostly wiggas or pure hopeless fobs.
Jefford Lam is an ugly wanksta.
by Greg Chung April 02, 2003
B-Rad. (.Malibu's Most Wanted.)
the wanksta is nothin but my Mikey Boy}
by DeepEllum March 28, 2004
See also "Jim (James) Prebil"
"Jim was screming "g-g-g g-unit!!!" but i bet if a REAL gangsta rolled up on him he would piss himeself. What a wanksta..."
by Bri November 20, 2003
some punk ass white boy who thinks their from the hood nd their all that
see wigger pretty much any white boy wearing: enyce rocawear phat farm sean john etc.
Raffy is suck a fuckin wanksta what he lived in Brooklyn til he was 2 that dosen't make him ghetto
by unknown June 16, 2004

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