some punk ass white boy who thinks their from the hood nd their all that
see wigger pretty much any white boy wearing: enyce rocawear phat farm sean john etc.
Raffy is suck a fuckin wanksta what he lived in Brooklyn til he was 2 that dosen't make him ghetto
by unknown June 16, 2004
Amit Tripathi
Amit is a wanksta nub.
by Zuodi December 04, 2003
dikfaced slut whore muthafuka who thinks he can rap just bcuz he wit m&m n dre.
50 cent is a wanksta 100%.dat bitch is a fukd up wanna b.50 cent lyks 2 suck on small cocks such as hiz own.actually he hasnt even got a dick.fuk 50 fuk g-unit fuk all yall hu think 50 rules,the only he rules is hiz own homosexual/transexual world world
by G-Unit = Gay-Unit April 21, 2003
Ja Rule
Ja sux cocks
by 69 June 03, 2003
Royce Hurlock
He's wanksta
by wangsta March 18, 2003
A piece of white trash named Dan Holmes.
Dan Holmes be a wanksta
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
As you walk down the street, you are following a big ol' guy. He got that gansta walk , he got that gansta talk. But as you pass the guy, you realize... HES WHITE! and that my son is a true Wanksta
by Candyman February 22, 2003

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