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Epithet used as a marketing ploy by certain so-called rappers with limited rhyming skills and a marked lack of creativity.
Damn I don't have an original point of view or any legitimate way to differentiate myself from lame ass Ja Rule. I know I'll write a weak ass song about him being a "wanksta" and make sure everyone knows that I got shot 9 times so as to distract white suburban kids from my sub par rhymes and have them all on my jock! Maybe someone who doesn't have the slightest idea about hip-hop will prematurely compare me to Tupac.
by Jaime February 24, 2004
a fake ass gangsta
Irv Gotti
Murda Inc
Bubba Sparxx
by LadyX August 25, 2003
ya mama
because she is a she-male
by pipi August 21, 2003
a man who cant stand on his 2 any male who wants to live like or be respected in the streets as a gangsta but doesnt have the heart or balls 2be1 somebody who wants to be something there not a bitch ass nigga or hunky who wants to be down
niggas who always calling themselves gangsta but ass soft ass wet pussy lips a apple tree doesnt says its a apple tree its just bears its fruits
A person that thinks your a gangster bcuz your clothes
say dat u a gangsta bu u neva pop nuffin pay a nigga to do it so u can tell the cops sumthin 187 your unit hecterlin n drop sumthin you hear the cops commin 5-0 stop frontin
Tah-murda (u a wanksta)
by Shaun da tru gangsta April 26, 2003
A person who wishes to be born and raised into a ghetto, yet has no ghetto or "gangsta" backround or mentallity, hence the name wanksta rather then gangsta.
You said you a wanksta but you never popped none.
by Migizel April 05, 2003
A person who says he is a gangsta,dresses like a gangsta, pretends he's a gangsta, (A FAKE GANGSTA) OR A gangsta that doesn't make money, keeps comin in and out of jail, and never makes any money.
by Anonymous March 20, 2003