A try-hard that acts like a gansta but isn't.
Ja rule. What a loser.
by Lowrider_gurl June 10, 2003
A person who tries to be gangsta and be rich and awesome. The only person they'll still from is they moms.
You say you a gangsta and you need to stop frontin'
by Freakzilla May 09, 2003
A wanksta is a studio gangsta
50 Cent rolls with the biggest Wankstas.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
peep game niggaz. A "wanker" in the u.k is man who's occupation is masturbation. Basically a dick head. So any fraud claimin they a gangsta and ain't really doin shit but holdin his dick is a "WANKSTA" Understand!!!!!!!
Half the hip-hop community!(unfortunately!)
Rich suburb folks, beggin to claim a ghetto lifestyle! Smell Me
by Jae Guevera March 11, 2003
Wanksta is basicly a wanna be gangsta who to otha gangstas are acting gay
You aint gangsta, Your Wanksta
by Mat Teen February 28, 2005
To have a terrible case of the shits.
Yo nigga I got wanksta last night!
by b3n January 21, 2005
"A gangsta that doesn't progress." -50 cent
Q: "50, what is a wanksta exactly?"

50: "A gangsta that doesn't progress."
by NiQ WG October 31, 2004
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