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A wankster iz a person that tries to act like a gangsta but has no gear.. meaning sean john.. shytt lyke that..
50-cent iz a wanksta
by Nicole March 18, 2003
A Jewish guy with all the expensive gear.
Brian Jeffrey Price
by Poppa Huerta March 12, 2003
mainly rich 'ghetoo' peopl
all the
by DD February 14, 2003
a fake ass gangsta

Irv Gotti(fat ass director in all the video's)
by 50cent January 30, 2003
An idiotic word that ghetto people made up.
Yo that dawg be a wanksta!!!!!!
by Chris March 29, 2005
"Gangstas" pretent to get their hustle, bitches & money on and depend on a bus ticket.
"I saw T-Baby over there with all his bling and his best clothes waiting at the bus station"
by Chris January 31, 2005
An asian person who tries to be a gansta by wearing hella bling bling and swearing a lot but really cannot manage to do all of this withouth cracking up or sounding extremely weak. They wear the baggy clothes and basketball shoes but will never hurt anyone in their entire lives.
Bonquisha da Gangsta, M-Dawg da Pranksta, Shanaynah da Chugga, Beyonce da Wanksta, Chiniqua da Balla, and Schnizzle da Tricksta are such wankstas, seriously.