Epithet used as a marketing ploy by certain so-called rappers with limited rhyming skills and a marked lack of creativity.
Damn I don't have an original point of view or any legitimate way to differentiate myself from lame ass Ja Rule. I know I'll write a weak ass song about him being a "wanksta" and make sure everyone knows that I got shot 9 times so as to distract white suburban kids from my sub par rhymes and have them all on my jock! Maybe someone who doesn't have the slightest idea about hip-hop will prematurely compare me to Tupac.
by Jaime February 24, 2004
A person who tries to be a gangster but has not done anything a gangster has done. A wanksta is not a white guy trying to be black it can also be a person that is asian,mexican etc.
miguel:have u seen damian he is such a wanksta
by 707rep December 06, 2007
A person trying too hard to be hard.A fake gansta
"man that motha fucka is a matha fuckan wanksta"
by DBizzle April 17, 2005
What most of the kids living in the town of Clark, New Jersey can be classified as.
CLARK BOY:That's Gangsta!!!!!

F*** up u fake-ass wanksta. Besides,u
racist against mah people's anywayz!!!
by Born in da Bricks March 20, 2005
A wanksta is someone who pretends to be a gangsta, they don't do shit a gangsta does, they lie they live a lie
Ja rule. Joe Sporer in Milwaukee Wi
by Nick G October 27, 2003
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